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2022 World Cup (Dec 2) circular design

2022 World Cup (Dec 2) circular design

The 2022 World Cup for December 2nd is here. Take a look at it. If you think of it as a Google Doodle, then you would be wrong. However, feel free to use it for your own purposes.

2022 World Cup (Dec 2) circular design

So, you can do the same or better design using the Donut Maker (DM) online app. Well, the DM is where it starts. We use the DM to quickly bring a donut of 10 pieces into PowerPoint. After that, we get some flags and a football. And, there you go!

We cannot wait to produce our second 2022 World Cup design. Maybe, we will use a different type of donut. Perhaps, the feet collection. That would be great, if we could pull that off. Especially for football.

Create a circular design with the Donut Maker

The DM takes a lot of time off of the design process. Overall, it allows you to spend more time placing additional elements on your circular donut design. Therefore, your design looks better. In addition, you have time to focus on other stuff.

If you want to create a circular donut design with the DM, then click on one of the buttons below. Enjoy!

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The video

Check out this fun intro video below. Maybe, we will really get busy with it next time.

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